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Mini Digger Derrick

Mini Digger Derrick


The mini digger derrick is built to address applications in remote locations, narrow right-of-ways and for the growing work demands in backyards. Designed to restrict damage at the work site and fit through yard gates, the multi-function mini digger derrick excels in performance, efficiency and safety. Depending on the type of mini digger derrick you choose, the cost may also be considerably lower than a typical, truck mounted digger derrick.


Safety Features

A mini digger derrick is sometimes installed with a completely proportional hydraulic system for functional and travel procedures. Further, some units are equipped with multiple load, rotation and position sensors that transmit regular feedback to the master controller in order to help ensure safety. To make sure the boom is not extended beyond permissible limits and operational limits are maintained, the mini digger derrick can be fitted with application specific software.

A critical feature of the mini digger derrick is that all the operations are done from a compact, self-contained and self-propelled chassis which can conveniently get to the site through narrow gateways.


Budget Friendly

Besides being structurally compact, the mini digger derrick can be substantially less expensive than conventional digger derrick trucks. Of course this is not always the case, i.e. you should expect to pay more for a newer, well-conditioned mini derrick than you would for an older digger derrick truck in poor condition. If you have a limited budget, you can either buy a used mini digger derrick or look for rental digger derricks. A few online dealers sell used digger derricks that are immaculately reconditioned. Thus, you can save a considerable amount of money on your investment. A used mini digger derrick may be exactly what you need and fit well within your budget.

If you decide to rent, multiple online dealers offer hassle-free and affordable rentals and leases of utility equipment. If a mini digger derrick is what you need for your jobs, it may be preferred over a truck-mounted digger derrick.